National President’s Tour has been officially canceled. This will not be rescheduled.e

Other Cancellations and Changes: 

  Department Appreciation Rally – La Crescent – Canceled

  National Commander’s Tour – Canceled

  Department Commander Mark’s Testimonial  – Canceled.

  Department President Mary’s Testimonial  – Canceled.

  Department Junior Conference – Canceled.                         

  Annual Reports – Still due 4/15/20 – can’t change the date – to many deadlines to meet – do the best you can.  Thank-you 🙂 

  Girls State – Canceled.

  Legionville Safety Patrol Camp – Canceled this summer.

 Department Convention – Canceled – more info  (Resolution)

  National Convention – Canceled – see calendar for more information.

Face Masks Needed for Veterans Homes

Face Mask instructions DOMS

Can you see if anyone can make these?

Thank you for trying. I have sent it to our reps but I am sure all the Homes need them for their volunteers and such.

Sue Register-Volunteer Services

Hastings Veterans Home-Domiciliary Program

1200 E 18th Street
Hastings, MN 55033

651-539-2442 Cell 651 212-8812

Update: March 31, 2020

Ladies and gents,

We are still needing masks here. We have been requested to get more.

We are also in need of the disposable bed protectors that are used in case a person has an accident while sick and in bed. They are about 2 food square I think.

WE are also in need of gel packs that go in the freezer to get cold.

Last we are in great need of 40 larger sized hospital gowns. They can be hand made and we do not care if they are flowers or teddy bear designs😊😊. Please get in touch with me about these items if you have them. I will drive to pick them up. Please do not risk your selves. I will drive to you.

Thank you so much for all you have done and will do for veterans everywhere during this time.

With Love,

Sue Register-Volunteer Services

Hastings Veterans Home-Domiciliary Program

A Letter from President Mary

March 28, 2020

Dear Members of the ALA Department of Minnesota:

After consulting several sources, I feel our Department Office does not qualify to stay open during the “Stay at Home” period authorized by Governor Walz.  Although we are a valuable patriotic and charitable organization, we just don’t fit into any of the categories (pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.) allowed to stay open during the next two weeks.  The safety and health of our employees is of utmost importance and played a part in this decision.  An email vote was taken from our Department Executive Committee members.  They overwhelmingly supported the decision to close our office until April 10th.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what happens if you need to contact our Department Office.  All of our employees are able to work from their computers at home.  Telephone calls to our Department Office number will be routed to Department Secretary Sandie Deutsch’s telephone.  You will receive an answer to all emails sent to Department Office.  Mail will still be dealt with on a timely basis.

Please note that Girls State is “still on” as scheduled.  You should continue to send in Girls State data and monies from your Unit.  Annual reports are still due by April 15th.  We know you may have limited information to report, but I appreciate you doing the best you can with what you have available at this time.

We are living in a difficult time in our history.  I’m so proud of all our members who quickly stepped forward to make the much needed face masks.  All of you are truly demonstrating my theme:  Remember, Honor, Serve.  Stay healthy and safe.


Mary Hendrickson

Department President


  President:  Mary Hendrickson
  1st Vice President:  Patti Coleman
  2nd Vice President:  Mary Kuperus
  NEC:  Raleen Tolzmann
  Alt NEC:  Jean Walker
  Honorary Junior President:  Emily Suess

District Conventions – 2020

District 1 –  May 16 – Austin American Legion  – 8:30 AM

District 2 – June 5-6 – New Ulm American Legion 

District 3 – May 16 – Faribault American Legion – 8:00 AM

District 4 – May 30 – North St Paul American Legion

District 5 – June 6 – Holiday Inn Bloomington

District 6 – June 5-6 – Nisswa American Legion – 8:00 AM

District 7 – June 6 – Ashby American Legion 

District 8 – June 6 – Hibbing American Legion

District 9 – June 13 – Warren American Legion

District 10 – June 6 – Osseo American Legion